CNC Cutting Machines Market Is Predicted To Reach USD 6153.2 Million By 2027

According to Startegy And Stats, the global social and emotional learning market has been segmented into component, end user, and region/country. The global social and emotional learning market size is expected to register an exponential CAGR of 23.4% from 2022 to 2028 and reach USD 9,025.3 million by 2028.


The 21st century is posing many new challenges to the younger generation. In the face of these challenges, the WHO 2015 report on mental health states that the incidence of mental health problems among the younger generation is increasing rapidly. There are many factors behind this trend but the increasing pressure to “excel” in academics to secure a stable job is high on this list of such causes. Due to increasing stress and its impact on mental health, several students are committing suicide every year. To address this challenge, researchers are increasingly demonstrating how Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) interventions have had positive impacts on success in school and subsequently even in wage earnings. As a result, social and emotional learning trend is upsurging at a rapid pace, and several companies are entering the SEL sector.